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Month: May 2016

Introducing Sea Breeze – new Price f(x) release

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Dear Price f(x) users,

On the weekend of May 22nd 2016 the Price f(x) team will launch the new release “Sea Breeze”. The main focus of the release is on a brand new, game changing Innovation “Pricing Invariants” and on RebateManager module accompanied with many smaller enhancements across the entire PFX suite.

To better reflect the extended functional scope of the PriceShop and the ContractManager modules we have decided to rename them. This has no impact on any related functionality or the commercial conditions.

  • The module PriceShop will be renamed to “QuoteConfigurator” to reflect the added quote configuration functionality and increased focus on so called “configure-price-quote” capabilities (“CPQ”).
  • ContractManager is renamed to “PromotionManager” to reflect the full functional ability and purpose of the module which is management of not only discount sets of any complexity but also and esp. campaigns, promotions and any on-invoice special conditions.

In line with our announcement at the last user conference in Berlin we are initiating the graphical overhaul of our user interface. The first small step in the Sea Breeze release will be the exchange of the functional buttons. The refresh of the UI design will continue in the following releases with the next step to be an adjustment of the style sheets. Read more

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