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Month: July 2016

Price f(x) achievements in quality, professionalization and IT security

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Providing our customers with a comprehensive pricing solution as a hosted Software-as-a-Service – such as Price f(x) – is a big responsibility, esp. when our customers’ data stored in an online environment are as sensitive and strictly confidential as pricing and margin information can be. Hence quality, security, performance and reliability of our service clearly is one of the prime focuses of everything we do. Read more

Sometimes what happens in Vegas is so good that it can’t stay in Vegas

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Dear Price f(x) customers, users, partners and prospects,

Over the past 12 months Price f(x) has become a global player with our business also strongly growing in the Americas. For this reason, we’ve decided to adjust the schedule of our traditionally annual user conference and to hold two semi-annual conferences, of which one will take place in the US and one in Europe. Read more

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