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Month: August 2016

Price f(x) User Conference – Great Speakers, Fast Cars & Fabulous Gala

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Following up on the initial announcement we wanted to provide an update as things take shape for our User Conference on October 24-25, 2016 at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

First of all, we are very pleased to announce that we have received positive confirmations from two of our valued, native US customers to present and discuss their unique solutions powered not only by the proven and powerful Price f(x) pricing solution but esp. by our brand new offerings in the area of “SFDC quote configuration and rebate management by PFX” and “SAP Cloud for Customer application leveraging Fiori framework”. Read more

Feeling like the “Kings of the World”

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I still remember that feeling when I turned 30. It was magical. The college debts were fully amortized, my first two promotions had a nice paycheck attached, I was engaged with the most wonderful girl on this planet and making wedding plans. Nothing seemed impossible and nothing hurt when waking up in the morning.

You are probably asking yourself, “why is he sharing all that with me”?  Well, I’ve just had that same great feeling in my gut the other day and I simply felt like sharing this with you. What happened is that the 30th customer joined the Price f(x) family and a few days later, on a bicycle tour in the Alps, I again felt like the “King of the World” where nothing seemed impossible … although not entirely pain free this time ;-). Read more

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