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Month: August 2018

Part 3: Prevention- by Gabe Smith

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So how can you prevent the Truck and the tree?
As with most issues in the corporate world, there are 3 factors involved: People, Processes and Systems. They all work together to enable resolve problems. Let’s discuss both the Truck and the Tree in light of people, processes and systems.

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Price f(x) Announces a New Release — Salty Dog

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The next release we would like to introduce you to – Salty Dog – will be deployed on October 20, 2018 and will contain the following features:

Gaining More Speed with Price f(x)
This release brings more support for various types of mass operations.

  • Editing a large number of Quotes is much quicker and easier, since you can do it using the Mass Update feature.
  • Price Lists and Live Price Grids allow now for mass recalculate and mass submit operations.
  • Rebate Records can be mass approved/denied.

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Price f(x) is Sponsoring the Chicagoland Pricing Professionals Networking Event

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Please join Price f(x) for an evening of discussions, networking and fun with pricing experts, consultants and peers at the Chicagoland Pricing Professionals Networking Event on August 15.  Registration is free and ​​​​​we’ll be discussing pricing challenges, enjoying refreshments and networking with peers at other businesses throughout the city. Read more

The Truck, The Tree and Prevention – by Gabe Smith

At Price f(x), we get to talk to industry-leading companies every day about their pricing and quoting processes and opportunities to improve them.  There are two recurring themes in these discussions that I wanted to address in this 3-part post, which I will call “The Truck”, “The Tree” and “Prevention”.

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