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Chicago – Here We Come!

Dear friends,

Growing up from a startup to a company with offices all around the world has been full of exciting challenges for Price f(x). Look at our presence in North America – what a journey! I am so proud of what we have accomplished and I would like to share that with you.

Why Chicago?

Chicago is a city that prides itself on measurable, lasting growth and deep diversity in all areas of life. With no one industry dominating its success, Chicago is the nexus for enterprises that are the backbone of America’s B2B: manufacturing, transportation, logistics, food, insurance, financial services etc.

Chicago’s rich and dynamic history combined with the incredible tech talent produced and living here are two of the many factors that make the city a thriving B2B tech hub. When you think about Chicago, it’s one of the few cities in the world that has true industry diversification, which is what makes it a perfect fit for our products that can work across all industries.

Price f(x)’s New Center of Gravity

All of the above were the reasons for Price f(x) to make such significant investment in a new office and keep our US headquarters in Chicago. The attached video and photo gallery, which I proudly present to all of you, has been produced to mark Price f(x)’s commitment to the North American market. Pricing is a world-wide problem and we look forward to continuing to help companies all around the world solve their problems.

I hope we will have an opportunity to meet in person at Price f(x) Inc.! The view from the 42nd floor is amazing 😊


Marcin Cichon

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