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Pricing in Uncertain Markets: Handling Foreign Exchange Movements

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“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” said Robert Burns in 1786. And while he wasn’t to my knowledge a businessman, the saying holds true today.

When things change in commerce, pricing is one of the most effective levers we have to react quickly. Making the most of an opportunity (or minimizing a threat) is about balancing speed with sure-footedness. Here I’ll focus on unexpected foreign exchange (FX) changes, inevitable and unpredicted. Note these options apply to both positive and negative FX changes. Read more

How Did We Enjoy Shoptalk Europe? The Price f(x) Way!

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Price f(x) never misses an opportunity to take part in pioneering events! Not only do such gatherings attract a community that is eager for innovation and business advancement (which we happen to offer) but it’s a great occasion to collect new ideas and feedback for our work.

Therefore, we couldn’t miss Shoptalk in Copenhagen, the most important retail and eCommerce conference in the world. Shoptalk connects retailers & brands, start-ups, investors, speakers, sponsors, and media into one place. It’s a unique presentation of evolution and digital disruption. Read more

B2B Price Research Methods to Set List and Target Prices

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With kind consent from Dr. Ian Tidswell, we are happy to share his very interesting article discussing the different methods to set up the right prices in your business.

Having a robust way to assess customers Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) is a key capability required of all companies. It’s surprising to me how many B2B companies rely on gut-feel or ad hoc processes to get this done. This may be driven in part at least from not being familiar with the techniques, and the various challenges each presents, along with a more general lack of understanding of the importance of getting price right. Read more

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