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Category: Guest Blog

Price f(x) at PPS Amsterdam 2018

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Are you ready to shake up your pricing? Then stop by the Price f(x) booth at the Professional Pricing Society conference on November 28-30, 2018 in beautiful Amsterdam.

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The great crew change and the impact on teams and tech. – by Garth Hoff

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How long does it take to make an employee productive? How long does it take to become a professional? The CEO of PetroSkills has noted, “it takes 3 to 8 years for a company to turn a new employee into a petroleum professional.” We can argue over the timeframe per industry and job function, but it’s well understood that becoming a professional in any skilled area including pricing can take years.

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Sales and the shrinking lifespan of a sales opportunity – by Garth Hoff

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I’ve heard sales reps for years say things like, “time kills deals;” sometimes just noted as TKD. There is an obsession with being the first into an opportunity, the last to present, and of course the fastest to respond to any proposal.
The short life of sales leads is where we enter into the pricing conversation here on speed.

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Amazon, disruption, and changing customer expectations – by Garth Hoff



Both Meg Whitman of HPE and Mark Benioff of Salesforce.com choose to focus on speed at the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum Digital Transformation of Industries panel. Whitman said, “my view is that the future belongs to the fast,” and Benioff built on this by noting, “Speed is the new currency of business.”

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Part 3: Prevention- by Gabe Smith

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So how can you prevent the Truck and the tree?
As with most issues in the corporate world, there are 3 factors involved: People, Processes and Systems. They all work together to enable resolve problems. Let’s discuss both the Truck and the Tree in light of people, processes and systems.

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Price f(x) is Sponsoring the Chicagoland Pricing Professionals Networking Event

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Please join Price f(x) for an evening of discussions, networking and fun with pricing experts, consultants and peers at the Chicagoland Pricing Professionals Networking Event on August 15.  Registration is free and ​​​​​we’ll be discussing pricing challenges, enjoying refreshments and networking with peers at other businesses throughout the city. Read more

The Truck, The Tree and Prevention – by Gabe Smith

At Price f(x), we get to talk to industry-leading companies every day about their pricing and quoting processes and opportunities to improve them.  There are two recurring themes in these discussions that I wanted to address in this 3-part post, which I will call “The Truck”, “The Tree” and “Prevention”.

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Optimized Algorithmic Pricing by Price f(x) is Now Available on the SAP® App Center!

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Price f(x) AG, a global software company providing Software-as-a-Service for price optimization & management, announced today that its Optimized Algorithmic Pricing solution is now available on the SAP® App Center, SAP’s digital transformation marketplace. Optimized Algorithmic Pricing is certified by SAP and integrated with the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution.

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