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Feeling like the “Kings of the World”

I still remember that feeling when I turned 30. It was magical. The college debts were fully amortized, my first two promotions had a nice paycheck attached, I was engaged with the most wonderful girl on this planet and making wedding plans. Nothing seemed impossible and nothing hurt when waking up in the morning.

You are probably asking yourself, “why is he sharing all that with me”?  Well, I’ve just had that same great feeling in my gut the other day and I simply felt like sharing this with you. What happened is that the 30th customer joined the Price f(x) family and a few days later, on a bicycle tour in the Alps, I again felt like the “King of the World” where nothing seemed impossible … although not entirely pain free this time ;-).

Since the market entry in mid-2012, Price f(x) transformed from a promising early stage start-up into a powerhouse of software supported price management and optimization, reconfirmed multiple times by the great success of our customers.

In the past 4 years we’ve managed to:

… and we’ve accomplished all that entirely free of debts, totally self-financed and profitable! This year will be yet another pivotal one for our future.

We are launching new exciting product offerings:

  • QuoteConfigurator for iOS
  • QuoteConfigurator for Salesforce.com App
  • QuoteConfigurator for SAP C4C App
  • QuoteConfigurator for MS Dynamic App
  • non-“black-box” approach based “PriceOptimizer” module

We are expecting to add at least another 10 marquee brands to our customer portfolio before December and achieve yet another nearly 100% growth in revenue this year.

In October we will host our first North American user conference in Las Vegas under the new global conference motto “Accelerate 2016!”.

And last but not least we are just starting the preparations for the launch of a new power offering in the eCommerce space, which will for the first time ever enable our customers to challenge the merciless commercial approach and power of Amazon.com.

But what makes me feel really confident about our future are two things:

  1. Our growing marquee portfolio of customers reconfirms every day that our solution is applicable to any industry and any type or size of the business out there. We outperform in B2B and B2C all the way from organizations smaller than EUR 10 Mio. in annual revenue to global multinationals with tens of Billions of revenue.
  2. Our outstanding team is capable of delivering high quality services at any time and any location worldwide.

We continue pushing our limits for you and we are looking forward to the years ahead of us and how much we will be able to accomplish together. The pricing software industry will not look the same in a few years from now and that will be thanks to your individual contribution to this journey and a great cooperation between us in order to realize our joined vision.

Yours truly,


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