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How Did We Enjoy Shoptalk Europe? The Price f(x) Way!

Price f(x) never misses an opportunity to take part in pioneering events! Not only do such gatherings attract a community that is eager for innovation and business advancement (which we happen to offer) but it’s a great occasion to collect new ideas and feedback for our work.

Therefore, we couldn’t miss Shoptalk in Copenhagen, the most important retail and eCommerce conference in the world. Shoptalk connects retailers & brands, start-ups, investors, speakers, sponsors, and media into one place. It’s a unique presentation of evolution and digital disruption.

Our PFX delegation consisted of Gabe, VP for Product Strategy, Patrick, VP and EMEA Sales Head, Eva, Marketing Sweetheart, Andreas and Sean, our Accounts Aces. Visitors of our cool booth could see a product demo, sit down with us to discuss their pricing pain points or enjoy a can of Mojito – drink that gave a name to the latest release of our application.

We were one of a few or maybe the only company to present a pricing solution there. It shows the importance of explaining the tangible business advantages which pricing brings to businesses across industries. Are you a beginner in this topic? Read what methods are out there to set the right price. What else did we find out? The Retail and eCommerce industry doesn’t use pricing tools at large. Therefore, we see a big potential in this segment, especially with our Pricing-as-a-Service™ offer.

So, thanks to all who participated in our premiere at Shoptalk and hopefully see you at the Shoptalk Las Vegas in 2018!

For more pictures go to PFX photo gallery.

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