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Price f(x) Celebrates a Stellar Year

We are proud to announce that 2017 was the most successful year in our history. The company’s performance was exceptional, particularly the extent of net new customers, high subscription revenue growth, and the addition of many new partners to our ecosystem, which has exceeded all expectations. Co-founder and CEO Marcin Cichon said last Friday during the company’s 7th-anniversary celebration that “it feels like Price f(x) has undisputedly arrived in the market in 2017. We have added more new customer logos to our portfolio in 2017 than in all past years together, while in December we closed the largest deal in the company’s history.

Ralph Dolmetsch, VP Customer Solutions noted: “it has been an incredible 12 months. The Customer Solutions team successfully managed 44 active parallel customer projects and had over ten customers sign with Price f(x) and go-live in the same year!

The growth of revenue through our partners as well as the number of partners coming onboard continues to outpace our expectations. We also see our market presence strengthening as more marquee venture capital and equity firms take notice” added Billy Graham, VP Ecosystem.

In a year that saw Price f(x) more than double its employees worldwide, several industry veterans also joined our ranks. The latest, Vicki Roberts, is one of the most accomplished sales professionals in the industry. Ms. Roberts mentioned on her first day with Price f(x) that “the clear differentiation regarding solution flexibility, the speed of implementation, and commercial attractiveness sets Price f(x) to win against its established competitors in a very effective and impressive way. I joined to be part of a revolution in the pricing software industry, and I am very excited.

A few weeks ago, we announced the successful completion of additional funding and hence are extremely pleased with the performance of Price f(x). We intend to continue to support its growth and expansion and will be encouraging Price f(x) to execute another, large-scale financing round this year. The momentum is simply incredible, and we want to keep accelerating growth and global expansion” said Ondrej Bartos, Partner at Credo Ventures.

We’re celebrating a Stellar Year from Price f(x) on Vimeo.

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