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and QuoteConfigurator for iPad

supports the sales and back office teams with the quote configuration (CPQ), calculation and simulation capability. The ultimate goal is a quick and error free response to price inquiry or creation of a quote of any complexity, with dependencies between its element and containing an optimal price free of stomach feeling.

All that is possible thanks to: QuoteConfigurator for iPad
  • Utilization of current and optimized pricing framework at any time and validity period
  • Enforcement of policies and guidelines
  • Provision of up-sell and cross-sell recommendations
  • Display of warnings, alerts and approval rules
  • Availability of pre-configured and tailored inline-analytics
provides allmost the same functionality as QuoteConfigurator but within a native App on a mobile iOS device, such as iPad or iPhone. Price simulations and quotes can be created anywhere and without use of the PC or Laptop. Broad solution adoption by the field operations (sales and sales back office) is the ultimate target and result.

With QuoteConfigurator proposals, responses to price inquiries and preparations for price negotiations can be created quickly, efficiently and free of stomach feelings. All simulated and calculated prices are based on the most recent definition and timely validity of price attributes and parameter values (e.g. raw material cost, exchange rates, attribute based adjustments) as well as currently valid strategy and guidelines. Flexible CPQ functionality within QuoteConfigurator allows the configuration of products or product sets of any complexity with dependencies between entries, ability of multiple selections, conformity checks, supported by drawings, images and descriptions etc.

Pre-configured, contextual inline analytics are available to salesmen and sales managers and are powerful support during creation and approval of proposals or when preparing for upcoming price negotiations. Those can display all deal relevant, historical data regarding the past customer behavior, product price distribution, profitability or combination of those in scatter chars, waterfalls etc. and this at any granularity level.

With QuoteConfigurator proposals containing inaccurate prices, prices based on a stomach feeling or unjustified discounts can be limited or totally eliminated. The ultimate goal is a quick and easy configuration and pricing of quotes with full transparency on profitability and impact on customer profitability.

QuoteConfigurator for iPad provides the same functionality as the QuoteConfigurator but in App on a mobile such as iPad. This helps increasing the solution adoption by the field operations (sales and sales back office).

What can you do with QuoteConfigurator?

  • Configure products or product sets and price them (CPQ)
  • Calculate or simulate required and relevant price(s) at any given time: list price, customer specific invoice price, volume price, index based price etc.
  • Communicate specific price(s) to whoever requires them
  • Generate quote letters and/or deals
  • Approve quotes via workflow
  • Push calculation results or approved quotes to CRM (such as SFDC or SAP CRM etc.) and/or any ERP backend system (real time if needed)

For whom is it?

QuoteConfigurator and QuoteConfigurator for iPad are the right tools for:

  • Sales representatives and management
  • Back office
  • Pricing managers

QuoteConfigurator for iPad can also be made available to customer or other external
parties for the purpose of self-quoting and self-price inquiries

What’s included?

Configuration engine, multi-currency, multi-unit of measure, flexible framework for definition of all condition types and contracts, workflow, dashboards, user roles and entitlements, hosted SaaS incl. all hardware, maintenance and 3rd level support, scalability.

Available only in connection with the PriceBuilder! For optimal results ideally also in connection with PriceAnalyzer

How does it Work?


Quick analysis of current quote and deal management process, definition of required price attributes and parameters followed by the setup of a new or adjustment of the existing price calculation logic. If required configuration of the configuration capability. Setup of the chart library for inline analytics and assignment of charts to specific calculation context. Definition and setup of approval workflows for quote approvals.


enablement of quick, rule based creation of quotes, embedded configurations and price calculations supported by contextual inline analytics and approval framework.


Creation, revision and submission of quotes including product and/or product set configuration.

How can I try QuoteConfigurator?

Please go ahead and try our demo
(filled with the sample data of a virtual company producing
and selling meatballs – warning for vegetarians)

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Advantages versus competitive solutions?

  • Pure SaaS model with instant launch and ultra-quick enablement
  • All configurations are done via the UI with limited technical skills required
  • CPQ functionality embedded in the quote creation (not a separate module/application)
  • Flexible architecture allowing quick changes and updates at any time
  • Unmatched speed of implementation based on flexible architecture and fast-track agile implementation methodology
  • Print functionality via flexible MS-Excel based templates framework

Why our clients love QuoteConfigurator?

  • Very quick implementation based on an existing pricing framework in PriceBuilder
  • Instant availability of changes in the underlying pricing framework without any adjustments in the QuoteConfigurator
  • Easy to navigate

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