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SSL Certificate Change Announcement

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Dear Price f(x) customers and partners,

Following the best practice security guidelines, we regularly rotate our SSL/TLS certificate. This time, the new certificate is also signed by a new root certificate authority (root CA) – Digicert – to ensure the highest browser compatibility standards. Read more

Feeling like the “Kings of the World”

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I still remember that feeling when I turned 30. It was magical. The college debts were fully amortized, my first two promotions had a nice paycheck attached, I was engaged with the most wonderful girl on this planet and making wedding plans. Nothing seemed impossible and nothing hurt when waking up in the morning.

You are probably asking yourself, “why is he sharing all that with me”?  Well, I’ve just had that same great feeling in my gut the other day and I simply felt like sharing this with you. What happened is that the 30th customer joined the Price f(x) family and a few days later, on a bicycle tour in the Alps, I again felt like the “King of the World” where nothing seemed impossible … although not entirely pain free this time ;-). Read more

Price f(x) achievements in quality, professionalization and IT security

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Providing our customers with a comprehensive pricing solution as a hosted Software-as-a-Service – such as Price f(x) – is a big responsibility, esp. when our customers’ data stored in an online environment are as sensitive and strictly confidential as pricing and margin information can be. Hence quality, security, performance and reliability of our service clearly is one of the prime focuses of everything we do. Read more

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