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Welcome to Price f(x) Universe

Dear Price f(x) partners and customers,

When I joined Price f(x) in August, this is what I got as the most important task: to bring our world closer to yours and help you work more efficiently & independently so you feel comfortable while using the Price f(x) app.

We have launched an online portal “Price f(x) Universe”. Instead of planets and stars, you’ll find product documentation, how to articles, release notes, API documentation, you’ll learn about what’s new & what’s coming up, and you can reach out to our experts.

Our Universe is still small and it’s not perfect yet either, but it’ll expand. It’s a universe after all, right? And you’ll be a part of it, so please ask questions and post comments, we’d love to hear from you.

PFX Universe is for everyone but you will need an account, so we know you’re not an alien. If you’re a partner or customer, please let me know and I will set up access for you and make you a PFX astronaut! Then you can start exploring our PFX Universe at https://uni.pricefx.eu.

Best regards
Jana Volencová

Content & Communication Manager at Price f(x)

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